If you would like to order,
or have questions about ordering,
family-sized portions
of the animal-free foods listed below
please contact:
No ingredients are taken from
persons of other land or sea species.

Chili, 5-Bean, Mild
Five different kinds of beans, sweet corn,
acini, and seitan. Universally spiced for those
who like it mild to those who like it hot.
$36. Approximately 12+ servings.
Fettuccini Alfredo
Creamy, noodle-hugging alfredo sauce, a hint
of vegan white pinot grigio or red cabernet,
and petite sweet peas.
$36. Approximately 12+ servings.
Marinara, almond/sunflower seed cream,
mushrooms, olives, and four layers of pasta
$36. Approximately 12 servings.
Mac 'n' Creme
Elbows smothered in a zesty, thick, clingy
chickpea, carrot, sunflower seed creme sauce.
$36. Approximately 12+ servings.
Mushroom Stroganoff
Subtle as the wine reduction, thyme, and
sunflower seed cream are, they bring out the
flavor of the mushrooms in this thick,
rotini-clinging sauce.
$36. Approximately 12+ servings.
Salads & Sides
Cabbage & Carrot Slaw
Finely-shredded cabbage and carrots in
a yummy, lightly-sweetened, oil-free mayo
$36. Approximately 12+ servings.
Macaroni Salad
Elbow pasta, finely-shredded carrots, and crisp
celery in a flavorful, clingy, oil-free dressing.
$36. Approximately 12+ servings.
Quinoa Fiesta Salad
Red and white quinoa, sweet corn, black beans,
bell peppers and tomatoes, tossed with a
sweet & salty lime tamari cilantro dressing.
$36. Approximately 12+ servings.
Sweet Potato Pecan Crumble
Mashed sweet potatoes baked with a
brown sugar, pecan, soft-candied topping.
$36. Approximately 12+ servings.
Chock full of chips, walnuts and that charming
flavor that makes a blondie a blondie.
$24 for 12 pieces.
Triple-chocolatey (melted dark, powdered dark,
bittersweet chips), walnutty, fudgey goodness.
$18 for 9 pieces.
Pecan Pie Bars
Light, fluffy shortbread crust topped with a
layer of pecan pie filling partly flavored
with genuine maple syrup.
$18 for 9 pieces.
Peanut Butter Cookies
Criss-crossed, chewy, peanutty delight.
$10.50 for 7 cookies.
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