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          What is vegan? First, let's visit what vegan is not. Vegan isn't a diet and isn't about gluten. Vegan isn't about the environment or health, although both derive benefits from humans going vegan. What vegan is is a social justice movement dedicated to using peaceful education to eliminate the most monumental social injustice currently on the planet, that of speciesism.
          What is speciesism? Speciesism is discrimination against persons of other land and sea species. Speciesism is manifested in the multitude of ways humans exploit and execute individuals of other land and sea species for human pleasure, entertainment, convenience, profit, etc. A few of the many examples of the ways in which humans discriminate against those of other land and sea species are using them for such as "food", fashion, furnishings, entertainment, sport, labor, research, recreation, breeding to sell, riding, showing, holiday and religious rituals, etc.
          Speciesism is an atrocity committed by human cultures against innocents who have had the tragic misfortune of being bred or abducted into a system of being used and objectified. Human cultures, media and industry are heavily human-supremecist, and relentlessly propagandize that it's acceptable and normal to use those of other land and sea species. None of the ways in which humans use persons of other land and sea species, however, is acceptable, normal or necessary.
          The golden rule applies to all, regardless of species. Please let's stop doing to others what we would truly not want done to ourselves or our loved ones.
"Why Vegan?"     (4:06 min.)
Wonderful, uplifting message and music
"A Life Connected"     (11:43 min.)
For the Animals. For the Planet. For the People.
Vegan Starter Guide
This free download, published by the incredible Go Vegan World, contains invaluable information on the basics of WHAT veganism is, WHY we need to be vegan, and HOW to be vegan (including nutritional info & recipes).
Vegan Starter Kit
Respecting Animals Means Going Vegan. Online booklet published by the International Vegan Association. Topics include, ethics, next steps, nutrition, FAQ, recipes.
Vegan Starter Kit
A wonderful site full of starter information for the new vegan:
Why Vegan? Becoming Vegan. Food. Clothing. Products. Knowledge.
"Humane Animal Farming? Take a Closer Look"
This informative booklet exposes the many ways in which animal farming, by its very nature, can never be described as humane.
"What's Wrong with Backyard Eggs?"
The sad reality is that, no matter how well treated laying hens may be in their foreshortened lives, they remain the product of enormous and intentional cruelty, only because people want to consume eggs.
SANCTUARIES      (please help by donating, if you can)
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary (CO)
A safe haven for rescued farmed animals who have been given a second chance at life.
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary Blog (CO)
Tender, beautifully-written stories about the personalities and legacies of individual animals residing at the sanctuary. The dignity and desires of each becomes apparent as soon as they are allowed the opportunity to live free and natural lives.
Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary (Ireland)
A vegan home where rescued farmed animals are given sanctuary for life, and where they are regarded with the dignity and respect that is their right.
Maple Farm Sanctuary (MA)
Providing lifelong homes for abused, abandoned and unwanted farmed animals while promoting veganism and respect for all life.
Poplar Spring Aniimal Sanctuary (MD)
Care, rehabilitation, and permanent sanctuary for neglected, abused or abandoned farmed animals. Protected habitat for wildlife.
The Elephant Sanctuary (TN)
Founded in 1995, The Elephant Sanctuary is the nation's largest natural habitat refuge for African and Asian elephants.
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A powerful and informative documentary about human society’s use of persons of other species. Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix with soundtrack by Moby.
"Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home" (2009)
This riveting story of transformation and healing explores the awakening conscience of several people who grew up in traditional farming culture.
"Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret" (on Netflix or $5 to own)
The film environmental organizations don't want us to see. Follow intrepid filmmaker Kip Anderson as he uncovers the most destructive industry facing the planet today.
"The Cove" (on Netflix or $2.99 to rent in iTunes)
Dolphins are at the center of investigative journalism uncovering a horrifying microcosm of massive crimes, beginning in Taiji, Japan, complicit worldwide. If you would like to rent the film and watch online, iTunes is a free, downloadable application.
"Blackfish" (watch free w/ ads)
Examines the life of abducted and enslaved Orca, Tilikum, forced to "perform" as entertainment for humans. Points out the inhumaneness of abducting, confining and enslaving animals.
"The Witness" (2000)
How does a construction contractor from a tough Brooklyn neighborhood become an impassioned animal advocate? With humor and sincerity, Eddie Lama tells that story.
"What the Health" (on Netflix, Roku, etc., or rent in iTunes)
This film examines the link between diet and disease, and the billions of dollars at stake in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and food industries.
How to Go Vegan
A fine series of podcasts about animals and veganism by warm, inviting, inspiring speaker, Trish Roberts. Can also be
subscribed to in iTunes.
Go Vegan Radio
Long-time radio host, Bob Linden, interviews guests and educates about the benefits of veganism for the animals, the environment and each other.