No ingredients are taken from other animals.

In addition, as much as possible, ingredients are fair trade, locally grown and veganically or organically farmed.
  • Regarding Flour: When available, wheat flours are from organic local business, Farmer Ground.

  • Regarding Sugar: Since refined white sugar is commonly filtered through charred animal bones (referred to as bone char), for recipes that call for granulated sugar, only organic evaporated cane juice is used. Brown sugar and powdered sugar are also made in-house from this non-bone-char sugar.

  • Regarding Palm: No products containing palm oil or other palm fruit ingredients are used due to the deforestation and habitat loss that mass-cultivating the palm fruit tree is causing orangutans.

  • Regarding Coconut: As soon as stocks of coconut oil are used up, no products containing coconut oil or other coconut ingredients will be used. This is because in the major coconut-producing countries of the world, macaque monkeys are exploited and held captive for the purpose of picking coconuts.

  • Regarding Gluten-Free: While it is certainly possible to create gluten-free versions of any vegan food, it has become too frequent that folks are mixing up vegan with gluten. Veganism is a social justice movement dedicated to the elimination of speciesism.
           Speciesism is discrimination against those of other land and sea species. Speciesism is the use, exploition and execution of other species of land and sea individuals for such as "food", fashion, furnishings, entertainment, sport, labor, research, recreation, holiday and religious rituals, buying and selling, etc. Becoming vegan is one of the ways we can counter the monumental injustices and atrocities committed against those of other speecies of land and sea animals.
           Vegan is not about gluten. Thus, due to this confusion, and in order to keep the focus on animal-free, Save Animals Go Vegan Bistro has found it necessary to discontinue gluten-free options.
           And as an additional thought for non-vegans, if we can muster the determination to avoid gluten, we surely have the ability to try as hard as we possibly can to eliminate contributing to the exploitation and execution of persons of other land and sea species.
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